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We are taking a rest until the new year 



"Yoga is the practice of observing yourself without judgment" 

D.V.K Desikachar

We offer a comfortable,

open environment, accessible to all bodies and levels of experience

Join us for any of the following...


  •  Seasonal Pop-Up Group Sessions

  •  Series and Workshops

  •  Private curated classes 

  • Retreats 

  • One on One 

Soak Sweat & Dip Add On
Soak Sweat & Dip Add On
Are you already here for an event that doesn't include our Wilderness Spa? Purchase this Soak and Dip Ticket as an add on to elevate your experience. Up to 1.5 hours in our Wood Fired Hot Tub, Steam Shower Sauna and Pond.
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