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In Transition 

We have decided to take a sacred pause as we move between seasons of life. Please keep in touch along  the journey by subscribing to our mailing list and following us on social media. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm.

With love, Adrienne

Welcome to our Off-Grid Oasis 

Our focus is on community, sustainability, creativity and above all love and respect for all living creatures.

Join us as we work towards regenerative agriculture practices and unique, one of a kind experiences.

Find yourself where the world grows quiet enough to hear your soul speak, where food is medicine and presence is priority.

     A place to heal, rest, build and share friendship, love, food, and community.

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What Makes Us Special



We welcome people of all races, genders, gender expressions, nationalities and religions. You are safe here.


We practice daily in all things that we do. We work with the land to preserve and enhance its natural beauty and rhythm.

The Land 

100 acres of off-grid forests, fields, creeks and ponds. Inhabited by livestock and wild creatures alike.

Our Spaces 

Yoga & Retreat Spaces, Wood fired Hot Tub (coming soon), Docks, Ponds Fields, Gardens, Greenhouse & Wilderness


Farm to table produce and meats grown and raised ethically and organically with the cycles of the earth. 



Rent our space for your own unique offering (retreat, micro wedding, baby/wedding shower) or an overnight  stay with optional food & yoga.


Kind Words 

"When I was first looking for locations to host retreats and workshops I was feeling really discouraged as there isn't a lot of of options on Vancouver Island, South Vancouver Island anyway. I was connected with Adrienne through an old mutual friend and within 30 seconds of  stepping foot on the land I knew this was the dream venue.  Adrienne consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the space is set up in the most beautifl way for your rental never ceases to amaze me. The actual land and space in which we get to host...the tent in the forest. Created with such intention, respect and admiration in a forest that just holds you with such warmth and calm...There is something really scared about here...

I cannot wait to host here again"

Kyla  Gagnon, The Sacred Essentials

"Meandering down Grow Wild Retreats pink heart lined drive  is like exhaling. Everything has a story, a history which is evident and visceral. Sound Healing at Grow Wild is a pleasure and an honour. Adrienne's from the land meals, her kindness, her love for the events she hosts; nothing goes amiss. It is a beautiful experience and is always a pleasure bringing healing and  vibrations. to the  land of Grow Wild"

Alexia, Island Sounds

All I can say is that it is "Magical"


I had the pleasure of being on the beautiful property of Grow  Wild twice over the last year and can say that it is a deeply nurturing experience in both sunshine and rain. Between the pond, dock, burrow, and the greenhouse-restaurant, the property is simply inviting in its natural beauty. Adrienne and the co-facilitators she works with were equally welcoming and attuned to the participants needs and questions, guiding us in body and mind for a thourough mini-retreat experience. The home grown and home cooked meals were simply divine. I left feeling educated and replenished both times, and am curious for future offerings and services. I highly recommend getting in touch with Grow Wild.


Blessings, Regina Terra

I honestly can’t recommend Adrienne at Grow Wild Retreats more. The care and respect that she puts into each and every part of the experience, is just wonderful. It’s like stepping into another, more peaceful world. 


The land, lakes and forests are beautiful and wild. The venue is perfect for gathering people together to move, learn and grow. Adrienne couldn’t be more welcoming and warm. It is a family affair and it’s wonderful to see so many generations living and tending the land together. She has a real eye for details and providing the small touches that make the experience both elegant and peaceful.


 I’m am grateful for all of the retreats that I have held here and look forward to many more.


Jonni-Lyn Friel 

Yoga in the burrow...stunning  delight, stillness, softening.

Thank you Adrienne 

For welcoming me with grace, 

curating a loving space

Balance all around

Mind, Body, Spirit surrounds

Frequent Invitations

Constant sensations

You are grace with my gifts 

Thank you for inspiring inner shifts

Love is Reborn 

Lineage of Levity 


Last summer I had the incredible opportunity to lead a few yoga events at Grow Wild Retreats in Shawnigan Lake.  Each event was a unique experience that went off seamlessly from start to finish.  The emphasis on beauty and nature enriched the time we spent on this peaceful property, and each person in my retreat didn't want to leave, and could not wait to come back!  Adrienne pours her heart and passion into every detail, the flower arrangements, tablescapes, and food are out of this world, and transport you into a fairy-tale like setting.  I have lead dozens of retreats around the world, and this place will be one I come back to time and time again because of the incredible care provided by Adrienne!

Fiji McAlpine 

We would first like to acknowledge that we are live, work , gather and play on the SENCOTEN speaking,  Traditional Territory of the W̱SÁNEĆ Peoples. Before government policies and regulations of the day destroyed and stole the families and culture of these land and it peoples,  this ground was hunted, gathered and fished, used for sacred burial, meditation and ceremony by the peoples of the sea.We must bring to the forefront of our minds the history and beauty of a culture that we should all work to better understand, practice and celebrate. A culture of reciprocity, love, respect and admiration for all living creatures of the earth. Here on the farm we cherish history, the land all its creatures and everything Mother Nature has to offer. 


"Each person, human or no, is bound to every other in a reciprocal relationship. Just as all humans have a duty to me, I have a duty to them. If an animal gives its life to feed me, I am in turn bound to support its life. If I receive a streams gift of pure water, then I am responsible for returning a gift in kind. An integral part of humans education is to know those duties and how to perform them" -Robin Wall Kimmerer 

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